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About us

Our company’s objective: to enhance our clients’ market-share success through our customized, creative and IT solutions and services—all in a cost-effective, environmentally friendly manner.

What is the foundation of our economic successes? Our innovative, flexible, up-to-date solutions.

Our strategy is to fulfill our clients’ high-level needs by using our professional proficiency and thinking long-term. We do this to create quality IT and marketing tools available to everyone.

  • Our company and the forerunner organization of our partner have collaborated in more than 300 projects since 2002.

  • Our team has up-to-date diverse business and technical knowledge.

  • Our clients range from small and medium enterprises to multinational companies.

  • We have been developing dynamically since our foundation, both in regards to the number of employees and turnover.

  • The range of our complex services is concentrated into 3 divisions.




Thorough preparation and planning precede any and all development we undertake. We strive to maintain clients satisfaction over a long period by applying our client-centric thinking and choosing technologies that best suit the solution.



Application development

We recommend our applications based on thorough planning, preparation, client-centric business thinking and selection of appropriate, proven technologies to users who need a reliable, stable, flexible program.
We support and assist our clients’ daily efficient management and manufacturing processes with our solutions and experience.

  • Enterprise resource planning system (ERP)
  • Integrated management system
  • Customer relations management system (CRM)
  • Corporate process / project management (PM)
  • iPhone and Android applications
  • Business-to-business e-commerce (B2B)
  • Business modeling
  • Intranet system
  • E-learning system
  • Cloud-based system
  • Decision-making system

Web development

Today, the Internet not only means a network of computers, but also a network of people. Today, Internet-based information search, administration is as common in our daily life as using the phone or a simple water dispenser.
In order to actually make our lives easier, we strive to attain simple, but great things that people are willing to use.

  • Website design
  • Web content management system (CMS)
  • Website and portal development
  • Web store development
  • Website optimized for mobile devices and tablets
  • Online customer service
  • Facebook connection
  • Content development
  • SEO [Search engine optimization]
  • Web-based game development
  • Blog
  • Company presentation web page
  • Web page accessibility

Marketing development

Marketing is the knowledge of what is indispensable for keeping a product or service in the marketplace. Our responsibility: to present our clients’ products and services in a clear, attractive and prominent way.
We support their presence both domestically and in foreign markets with our traditional and digital, interactive solutions.

  • Logo and image
  • Brand identity
  • Communications strategy
  • E-mail marketing
  • Prize game
  • Commercial and animation
  • Interactive exhibition tools
  • Facebook and search engine marketing
  • Multimedia promotion
  • Brand site
  • AdWords campaigns

Why choose us?

Our objective: to make ourselves recognizable based on the quality of our work, our commitment to our clients, and our excellent service.


Why to choose us

Our company has gathered significant and vast experience during its years of operation. Each of our associates qualifies for the front-rank of Hungary’s IT sector.

Proactive cooperation with our clientsWe never look at our projects as tasks to be performed, but endeavor to obtain as much information about our client’s ideas as possible. Using our knowledge and our best experience, we can suggest solutions that sometimes radically transform the basic idea. The result? A more marketable, better outcome may be created.

Besides our proactive approach, it is part of our business model to provide free capacity for assignments, tasks that need an urgent solution; consequently we can fulfill our clients’ requests immediately or within a short time.

Our project managers are not only familiar with the field they represent, but also excel at using a common language with our clients. Our communication is straightforward, clear and plain.

All our associates are experts in their own field. Our employees are highly qualified professionals without exception, who make their continuing professional development a priority.

Due to our vast scale of services, we spare our clients any unnecessary burden of transferring information among different professionals—creative graphic designers, developers, operators, etc.—while working on a project, because we organize our divisions so as to go through with almost any kind of task within our company.
In the creative design profession, we perform full-scale image design for traditional and print presentation, as well as the design and creation of digital multimedia publications, e-media tools and online campaigns, commercials, animations based on our clients' expectations and quality standards.

Our main objective is to create a uniform interface that is clear and convenient to use. With our universal search engine, immediately relevant components (images, documents, clients, notes, projects) allow very fast navigation within the system. With no higher level of IT background and just using basic PC skills, our clients can update, organize their complex related database items. data. Our interfaces are so simple that with just a few clicks, you can download, publish the content of a website, portal, menu text, the images, videos to be displayed.

Our highly experienced consultation team has vast knowledge concerning the professional preparation of our assignments. Our tasks include strategic consultation, marketing communication and systematic assessment of business needs through which a precise quote or functional specification can be attained through interviews, discussions, assessments and coordination. Our consulting activity includes creating and fully achieving online and offline communication campaigns, branding, and performing marketing communications tasks. LCS Design & Solution provides useful business services for small and medium enterprises, as well as for multinational clients.

We adhere to strict quality assurance standards during project planning and development processes. We document each stage in a requirements specification, system plan and development plan. Thanks to our company’s self-developed internal process control system, we provide our clients full transparency regarding current status. We also create a uniform communications platform that enables us to prevent information loss due to multiple iterations of correspondence, phone calls, etc.

We provide a project manager for each project, whose knowledge and expertise guarantee that our client will be attended to seamlessly from concept to completion and handover. The process master manages internal processes necessary for realization with the client’s, and the project’s, the product’s interest in mind.

Do you need more information? Ask for our company presentation material or a personal consultation.

Our company in numbers

100+ recurring
300+ successful
14 developers
235+ thousand hours
of work

Modular system packages

We do not believe in “pre-packaged” products since each organization operates with a completely different business model, different internal rules and competences even within the same industry.

Do we turn everything upside down?! We think that no company should be expected to adjust its operation and internal processes to an IT system. This compromise would impede the company’s effectiveness and even its growth potential! Somewhat contradicting the above—and for the sake of realizing the most cost- and-time-effective project possible—we assembled our self-developed systems based on our market experiences, which can be set up and flexibly modified according toindividual needs and business models of our clients.


NetPress CMS

Portal system


web development

  • From microsite to portal
  • Specific content types
  • Dynamic menu structure
  • Multimedia support
  • Mobile devices and tablet compatible design
  • Multi-language content support
  • Newsletter and blog
  • Timing possibilities
  • Automatic search engine friendly URLs
  • Attached files management

NetPress B2C

Web store system


web development

  • Specific graphics support
  • Advanced shopping cart management
  • Complex reductions, customer groups
  • Shopping cart value increasing solutions
  • Multiple payment methods
  • Specific product features
  • Occasional and timed promotions support
  • Search engine optimization
  • Automatic billing, e-invoice
  • Connection to courier companies

NetPress LMS

E-learning system


web development

  • Integrated knowledge base
  • Indicators inspiring progress
  • Individual and group examinations system
  • Real-time consultation tools
  • Training prerequisites support
  • Advanced study material editing
  • Multimedia components
  • Accreditation possibility
  • User activity reports
  • Multilanguage study material

NetPress ERP

Integrated enterprise resource planning system


application development

  • Controlling and decision-making support
  • Procurement
  • Stock management
  • Finances support
  • Logistics, operation of depots
  • Teleworking and teamwork support
  • E-document management and document repository
  • Work process control
  • E-mail and SMS communication
  • Dynamic queries, reports
  • Mobile devices and tablet compatibility

NetPress CRM

Customer relations management system


application development

  • Up-to-date relations
  • Selling processes
  • Detailed customer history
  • Quotes
  • Purchase orders
  • Contracts
  • Tasks management
  • Marketing tools
  • Available via mobile devices and tablet
  • Campaigns management
  • Automatic follow-up messages

NetPress PM

Project management system


application development

  • Complex work processes support
  • Dynamic process model
  • Specific data fields and indicators
  • Project statuses
  • Complex resource management
  • Automatic notifications
  • Document templates
  • Role-based access management
  • Follow-up
  • Quality assurance
  • Management dashboard

Mobile device application development

iOS and Android development


marketing development

  • Real-time connection to our NetPress systems
  • Function- and device-oriented developments
  • Social media relations
  • Presence on the marketplace

Facebook application development

Social media presence


marketing development

  • Prize games
  • Mobile device connection support
  • Newsletter subscription and reductions
  • Customer groups

Campaign support

From e-dm to A/B testing


marketing development

  • Strategic consultation
  • SEO [Search engine optimization]
  • Newsletter editing, sending, follow-up
  • Advertisements management

Our references - what we are proud of


LCSdesign LLC. seeks to recruit candidates for the following full-time jobs in Budapest.


PHP programmer


  • implementing designed codes
  • linking designed, but still static, views with the database
  • writing SQL queries
  • participation in the design process


  • Thorough knowledge of PHP5, at least 1 year of experience in a business environment
  • object-oriented approach
  • knowledge of program designing models and the ability to use them
  • knowledge and application of the MVC paradigm
  • knowledge of MySQL 5, ability to write medium complex queries
  • jQuery knowledge, at least 1 year of experience
  • adaptability
  • ability to work in a team, good communication skills
  • proactivity

Not required, but appreciated:

  • experience in site-building
  • relevant higher-education degree
  • multiple years of experience
  • experience with Kohana 3 or other frameworks
  • experience in database designing
  • experience in writing more complex SQL queries
  • experience in optimizing SQL queries
  • knowledge of NOSQL solutions
  • experience in programming mobile devices

Mobile device application developer


  • applications development for devices with Android and iOS operating system
  • applications management during the whole life cycle
  • participation in the design process


  • at least 2 years of experience using iOS and Android SDK
  • thorough knowledge of Java and Objective C / Swift
  • ability to work autonomously
  • experience in web service integration
  • SQL knowledge
  • knowledge of RESTful architecture and ability to use it

Not required, but appreciated:

  • live application in Play Store and App Store
  • multiple years of experience
  • routine in UI designing
  • code optimization skill
  • experience in API designing


Send your application to infokukaclcsdesign.hu.

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